Mike Metcalf Art News:

12/11/2013: I'm not currently updating this site due to a pretty full work schedule.

07/11/2011: Added a few portraits

06/30/2011: Black Bat Graphic Novel and Lions Tigers and Bears Volume3 scheduled to hit stores this month!

06/04/2011: Happy Independence Day!

05/05/2011: Happy Cinco De Mayo!

04/24/2011: Happy Easter!

02/14/2011: Happy Valentines Day!

01/19/2011: Added new sequential pages.

01/10/2011: Happy New Year!

Update: you can now check out the hardcover and softcover versions of "ARCHIE 50 Times and American Icon" featuring 50 hand-drawn covers for Archie issue 600 by comic greats such as George Perez and Dal Keown and adorable wannabees like me!
The books with hand-drawn covers were auctioned off to benefit THE HERO INITIATIVE.


10/11/2010: AllPulp's Death Angel story review from the upcoming "Moonstone Pulp Magazine"!

07/23/2010: Black Bat Double Shot Preview!

05/19/2010: Finished art for a couple of black bat and Death Angel Pulp stories.
03/24/2010: You can check out my "50 ARCHIES" cover above!

02/25/2010: looking for fan art?

02/14/2010: Happy Valentines Day!

01/22/2010: Current Project: Black Bat/Death Angel miniseries #1

01/03/2010: Happy New Year! Death Angel story Hit stores today in The Phantom Double Shot #1
10/30/2009: new pinup new sketch new portrait. Happy Halloween!

10/05/2009: New pinups added.

10/02/2009: New sequential pages.

09/29/2009: Currently working on: A backup story for an upcoming issue of The Phantom featuring a new character called Death Angel! 09/23/2009: Timothy and the Transgalactic Towel now in stores and available through etc. Huzzah!

08/14/2009: Site Redesign.

08/13/2009: GAH! Timothy delayed with printing problems.

07/07/2009: updated pinup and sketches galleries

06/26/2009: added a few Timothy pages to the sequential art galleries.

06/15/2009: Timothy and the Transgalactic towel art is done. Scheduled for August 26 release date.

05/01/2009: I'm now on Facebook.

04/29/2009: added new sequential art galleries

03/17/2009: added a few more illustrations.

02/12/2009: Simplifying various pages for better iphone compatibility

10/04/2008: Lions Tigers and Bears Volume three issues 1-4 are pencilled and inked and have gone to the colorist!

07/17/2008: Reorganizing and adding a few pics and notes. testing some flash stuff.

06/26/2008: "Secrets of the Seasons- The Gimoles" now available through from Image Comics
written by Mike Bullock; art by Theo Bain, Michael Metcalf and Bob Pedrosa.