Sequential Comic Art Samples: Please click a thumbnail to view a set.

sequential set 8Black Bat (5 page sample)

Genre: Crime Drama.
sequential set 850 GIRLS 50 (6 page sample)

Genre: Hot babes and spaceships.
sequential set 7Death Angel (6 page sample)

Genre: Dark gritty pulp hero.
sequential set 5Lions Tigers & Bears Vol3 (7 page sample)

LTB Volume 3 is complete 4 issue childrens comic miniseries currently waiting to be scheduled for distribution.
sequential set 6Timothy & the Transgalactic Towel (8 page sample)

Timothy and the Transgalactic Towel is a 100 page childrens graphic novel published in 2009.
sequential set 4Secrets of the Seasons The Gimoles(5 page sample)

The Gimoles childrens graphic novel was published in 2008 by Image Comics.
sequential set 3Salt of the Earth(14 pages)

Genre: retro futuristic hero adventure comic.